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Self Storage Marketing Tip: While you wait…

The time between a storage unit reservation and move-in day is a great opportunity to make the most of a new storers onboarding experience with you. After all, a memorable customer journey means the customer will be more likely to recommend you to their friends, and leave your business a favourable review on Google.

Besides, not everyone has used storage before – so it’s a great time to provide useful information, as well as gently up-sell some of your add-on services that they may not have considered.


What things could I send to a storer?

  • A link to your online box shop, so that they can purchase boxes and other packaging materials they might need for their move.
  • Details about your insurance offering (if they didn’t sign up for it initially), or any add-ons like 24/7 access options, a powered unit, shelving hire for inside the unit, etc.
  • Reminders about your courtesy move-in truck / trailer/ trolleys.
  • A move-in checklist (eg. a branded downloadable PDF document on your website, or attached to the email you send) to assist the storer if they’re moving house – with tips like getting mail redirected, moving services & electricity, etc.
  • Video content to assist your storer in choosing the right box (like the video I made for Coast To Coast Storage), how to best pack the unit, pack the trailer / truck and so on  …PS: I’ll be posting a follow-up blog on this topic soon!
  • Copies of useful tip lists / blogs you have on your website.


This sounds like a lot of extra work…

Not if you use software to do the work for you! Self storage management software such as Storman Software is perfect to handle this type of thing.

Just setup a series of notices (emails) in Storman that trigger X days after the reservation is made (or X days before the move in date) so that they send in sequence.


Need a hand building a better customer journey?

I currently assist a number of self storage companies in Australia & New Zealand with their customer journey mapping and storer onboarding experiences. Keen to get started? Please get in touch or find out more.

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  • Freya Shaw

    5 years ago

    Thank you for your post. Self-storage facilities are growing in popularity as people work on downsizing their lives, but there’s also a lot of competition in this sector.


  • John Yohan

    5 years ago

    Good piece of information here. Good to see self storage industry growing. Thank s for sharing the tips.


  • John Yohan

    5 years ago

    Thank you for the tips. I think accessibility and security is the areas where storage owner can pay attention to their max. Thank you for the post. Helpful one..