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Self Storage Marketing Tip: Start your Christmas advertising now

As the year begins to draw to a close (wow, can you believe it’s almost November at the time of writing), people are starting to plan their festive season holidays, major renovation projects around the home, potential moves to a new place or possibly even where to hide those large gifts for the kids!

Given these upcoming important events, now is a great time to plant the seed to start getting your audience thinking about self storage and, of course, storing with your brand to fulfil that need.

Facebook is a great medium for this – as you can very specifically target people based on their locale, their age, marital status and interests (a mesh of pages they “like”, websites they visit and how they interact around the Facebook network).


Hide that bike in our self storage locker

For example, an audience consisting of people aged 20-40 in your area, with young kids, would be perfect for the “hide those large Christmas presents (think a kids bike!) in storage” ads. Of course, to be most effective, the ad imagery should also reflect the audience and the message – that way it’ll resonate with the viewer.

Better still, would be if you were to drive ad-clicks to a custom landing page (CLP) on your website – again reinforcing the same messages, with the same imagery – to firm the connection between the two and help drive your call to action (be it an actual call, a completion of your “Request a quote” form, an online unit reservation, etc).

Other examples might be ads about making room during the renovation, storing the car safely & securely with you during their family holiday or using your services while moving house.


Need a hand with your Ad Campaign?

I currently assist a number of self storage companies in Australia & New Zealand with their Facebook advertising campaigns. Keen to get started? Please get in touch or find out more.

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