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Self Storage Marketing Tip: Is your space estimator a lead-gen tool?

Most self storage space estimators follow the same design – where your storer uses a long, often non-mobile friendly form, to enter their items & work out how much storage space they’ll need at your self storage facility.

Furthermore, once they have the information they need, there’s often no next step provided to take advantage of this sales opportunity to let them reserve a unit online or make an enquiry for their desired unit type.

If you have a self storage space estimator on your website (and you should), make sure you provide easy options for the storer to take that next step.


A storage space calculator with a difference

My company recently developed a smart self storage space estimator. As the storer enters their items, the system displays several suitably-sized units that meet their needs – and lets the storer make an enquiry for that type of unit with an auto-populating, smart enquiry form.

Furthermore, you can also give them the option to reserve that type of unit, thanks to the way the calculator links in with Storman Online Reservations.


Give it a spin!


Want to turn your website into a lead-gen machine?

I currently assist a number of self storage companies in Australia & New Zealand with their websites, marketing, customer journey mapping and storer onboarding experiences. Keen to get started? Please get in touch or find out more.

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