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Photography: 2021 Phocademy Night Photography Workshop

In late 2020, I booked a night photography workshop with Phocademy and then just kind-of forgot about it. Before I knew it, April 2021 swung around and it was time to dig out the tripod and head into Brisbane CBD to meet professional photographer Craig Turnbull, who ran the workshop.

Interesting side note: I actually first met Craig on a random hillside in Hawthorne, where we were both taking photos of Riverfire in 2019!

I’ve been using DSLRs for about 10 years, starting with a Canon 600D, then an 80D and now a 90D – but in the last 3 or 4 years, I’ve primarily used them for run ‘n gun video – not necessarily photography.

I think I’m a half decent photographer for most things (I’ll let you decide), but I’ve always wanted to get better a shot framing, composition – and night work… hence booking into this workshop.

The workshop was the right length, the right price and Craig was really fantastic at spending sufficient time with everyone (they’re capped at 8 pax max, which is great) and explaining everything in detail, suggesting changes and improvements and so on.

I would highly recommend the Phocademy classes to anyone looking to get more out of their camera or photography in general. They have several beginner workshops of varying levels, as well as night workshops (such as the one I attended) and the occasional special event – like an upcoming early morning rainforest workshop.

Thanks to Craig for such an informative, enjoyable & well-run evening!


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